Salim Özdemir was born in 1977 in Çankırı. He studied Engineering at the Zootechnics Department, Faculty of Agriculture of Selçuk University in Konya, where he arrived in 1995.

Then, he obtained a Master’s degree from Department of Advertising, Faculty of Communications of Selçuk University on Marketing Communication and Brand Management.

Having completed his military service in 2002, Mr. Özdemir has assumed tasks actively in politics and civil society in various periods.

Salim Özdemir served in the private sector from 2003-2005 while assuming public duties from 2005-2008 in Cultural and Social Affairs Department, Accountancy Department and Strategic Planning units of Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Since then, he has been in the business world in alignment with his philosophy of acting as a “Habitual Entrepreneur,” successfully serving as a founding partner and manager in various industries. Mr. Özdemir is currently active in various business lines, shows particular interest in the Internet, the modern business industry and he supports this interest with investments.

Salim Özdemir is married with three children.